Woman jokes you can see her ‘internal organs’ after trying on Fashion Nova dress

A woman on TikTok bought a bodycon dress from Fashion Nova’s Snatched range and was…

A woman on TikTok bought a bodycon dress from Fashion Nova’s Snatched range and was blown away by how tightly it fit her hourglass figure, as it left little to the imagination

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Fashion Nova model tries on extremely tight body con dress

Clothes shopping can be a real nightmare – especially when every shop seems to model clothes on different body shapes, which can make your dress size vary wildly.

But one woman on TikTok has said her desirable hourglass figure has made it impossible for her to find bodycon dresses that properly hug her curves until she stumbled across Fashion Nova’s special Snatched range.

Cia, who posts under the username @cia_eclectica, shared a video in which she explained she thought she had finally found a dress that might fit her and was excited to try it on, the Daily Star reports.

Cia was shocked at how well the dress hugged her curves



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Staring the video in a loose-fitting bodycon dress, she said: “I’ve been trying to find a bodycon dress that would fit my body type since they became fashionable, and I’ve never found a single one that comes close.

“I have the kind of body where the waist and the hips do not communicate. This dress is the best fitting one I’ve ever found and I love this dress, but it quite clearly doesn’t fit.

“So I have finally found one that I think might fit. It’s from one of those really intimidatingly cool websites called Fashion Nova. They have a line called Snatched, which is for people with hourglass figures. So, I bought one from there.”

Cia then showed off her figure in the tight-fitting green dress – but was left red-faced as she felt that the garment left little to the imagination and even showed off the curve of her belly button.

The tight-fitting dress left Cia feeling ‘naked’



She told the camera: “Well … it fits. I’m basically naked. I suppose that’s a look. Maybe if I put tights on then you won’t be able to see my belly button and my internal organs. But I kind of love it.”

The woman’s video has been viewed over 2.3 million times, and people can’t believe how amazing Cia looked in the dress.

One person wrote: “I absolutely cannot believe my eyes. How does it feel to be God’s favourite?”

While another said: “Oh my god you look incredible!”

And a third posted: “You need to get the dress in all of the colours. Immediately!”

In a follow-up video, Cia revealed she dealt with her fashion fail by wearing a pair of “stretchy bike shorts” underneath the dress, which covered up her exposed navel.

The woman also showed off her stunning figure in another video in which she modelled some potential outfits using the dress – including pairing it with a leather jacket and high-heeled boots.

One commenter said of her finished look: “That dress was made for you.”

As another exclaimed: “You’re so precious! I love that it is working for you.”

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