What are the few important facts about hoodies?

The Vlone Hoodie is a classic piece of clothing that just about anyone can pull…

The Vlone Hoodie is a classic piece of clothing that just about anyone can pull off, and there’s no sight better than the laid-back dude walking down the street with his hood over his head. If you’re looking to up your style game and take a look out for this upcoming Fall season, you’ll need to know how to.

While it may seem that the hoodie is just a plain piece of clothing, there are actually many subjects you need to pay attention to before purchasing one. Know what fabric it’s made out of, if it has any special designs or themes, and how long it will last you.


There are a number of fabrics that nav x Vlone hoodie can be made out of, and each one provides a different experience and look. Wool is the most common fabric used to make hoodies because it offers warmth and comfortability without sacrificing style or durability. Although cotton may seem like the best fabric, it can become heavy in wet weather. Synthetic blends are made to combat the problems that cotton has, but they aren’t as warm or comfortable when compared to wool. Partially because of its comfortability, however, cotton is used quite often so do take notice of how cotton is.

Other fabrics that hoodies can be made out of are polyester, fleece, and nylon. Polyester offers quite a bit of stretch to the wearer while nylon makes for an extremely lightweight material; they each have their downsides but are pretty interchangeable when talking about styling your hoodie.


Fleece is a more modern fabric that has been used quite often to make hoodies. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and warm without sacrificing style or durability.

What designs/themes:

Most hoodies have been designed to match the IRL trends you’ll see on the street. There are          hoodies with an oversize fit and there are, and although both of these designs make for a stylish look, it’s important to know which one is more comfortable when buying your hoodie. It’s almost always the case that an oversized design is better for comfort but if you, however, go for the fitted design.

There are also black and green Vlone hoodie with special prints and designs on them that make the garment more versatile than your average piece of clothing. Wearing a plain black or white hoodie is easy but then again, wearing something like an animal print hoodie. These are designs that are usually associated with the brand of the hoodie so if you’re really looking to stand out, get something special.

How long it lasts:

Before buying a hoodie, it’s important to ask yourself how long you’ll need this one for? If you’re just looking for then most of the time any hoodie will do but if you’re looking for something that you know will last, consider how long it usually takes to wear out a hoodie. If you’re looking at mostly cotton designs, most after 2-5 years; this may not be a hoodie.

If you’re looking for a more durable fabric, wool is where it’s at. Wool can last up to 10 years and still look good so consider this option if you’re really searching for a hoodie that will last. The more expensive the hoodie, the longer it’ll last