Boys’ Holiday & Summer Clothes

1 : clothes I require new clothes for the winter. The clothes of the peoples…

1 : clothes I require new clothes for the winter. The clothes of the peoples of the Volga Area (Mordovians, Mari, Chuvash) is really original and lavishly embroidered. Features of sports clothes have been used far more broadly. Working ladies typically wore a European-style costume, which was, however, marked by a higher degree of simplicity and austerity of finish. Inhabitants of hot countries should put on clothing that screens out radiant heat. In contemporay Western societies, skirts , dresses , and high-heeled shoes are typically observed as women’s clothing, although neckties usually are observed as men’s clothes.

Contributions toward solving issues relating to clothing design have been created by a group of constructivist artists, who have been proponents of production art. The costume of princesses and boyar girls consisted of a fine, white linen chemise, over which was worn a garment of colored silk. Clothes seems in several contexts in the Bible The most prominent passages are: the story of Adam and Eve who created coverings for themselves out of fig leaves , Joseph ‘s coat of many colors , and the clothes of Judah and Tamar , Mordecai and Esther In addition, the priests officiating in the Temple in Jerusalem had quite certain garments, the lack of which made one liable to death.

Articles carried rather than worn typically are regarded as accessories rather than clothes (such as Handbags ), things worn on a single component of the body and very easily removed ( scarves ), worn purely for adornment ( jewelry ), or items that do not serve a protective function. The most ancient clothes of the peoples of the tropical-forest zone, for instance, in Africa and South America, consisted of a loincloth, an apron, and a cape. For example, Jains and Muslim men wear unstitched cloth pieces when performing religious ceremonies.

The sort of clothes that we wear varies from scenario to circumstance. Unique garments made of suede, chamois, or tanned leather appeared amongst the Indians of the North American forest zone: the ladies wore a long, shirtlike garment, and the men wore a long shirt and high leggings. In 1919 a studio for the style of modern costume was established in Moscow inside the Arts Division of the People’s Commissariat of Education. The ladies put on long sharovary (wide pants) and a tunic-like chemise that extends below the knees and virtually completely conceals the outline of the figure.

Workers exposed to acids and other active chemical substances put on suits produced of coarse woolen or cotton fabrics that are impregnated with acid-proof substances. Clothing decreases the body’s heat loss, maintains energy resources, and protects the skin from physical and chemical harm, dust, dirt, and insects. Winter sportswear, as well as clothes for men and women who function outdoors in cold weather, must be lightweight but heat retentive. Such garments imparted to the wearer the appearance of stately simplicity.