Beauty Maintenance That Must Be Done Before Before Your Wedding Day


When it comes to wedding planning, the beauty prep that is involved in the lead-up to the event is just as important as the day. This can make or break the wedding planning as a bride, as if there are any makeup or hair disasters, this will take over your memories of what was meant to be a special day for years to come.

The beauty prep must be carefully carried out and booked months in advance. The bride must also know what look she is hoping to achieve, which means hours of endless scrolling on Pinterest to look for inspiration.

If you are a last-minute bride who needs some last-minute beauty tips on what to book for the big day, prepare as much as possible with the following tips:

Nail Care

Understandably, our hands and nails must look the prettiest they have ever seen on our wedding day. With all eyes on our hands and nails as your new stunning diamond ruby ring is placed onto your ring finger. Bitten, short nails are not a  great sight, so make sure you have your nails booked in for your big day. We would suggest getting your wedding nails at least 3 days before your wedding, to keep them looking fresh and also to give you time to get used to them.

Freshen Hair Colour

Wedding hair appointments are a nightmare to get right, but not many brides know that it is better to get their hair coloured at a different time to get their hairstyle done for the day. Freshening up the roots should be done perhaps 3 weeks before your wedding day, to give your hair time to settle and so the colour can pop out. This also includes extensions, as if you are planning on getting hair extensions.

Glow Facial

Your skin needs to be glowing on your wedding day, which is why you must book several facials in the lead-up to your big day. You will have photos taken from you at all angles, and if your skin is looking dry and lifeless this will not be a good look. Makeup can look especially bad if caked onto bad skin, so make sure you have a few facials before your wedding day.


Shaving cuts and prickly legs are not the best look to have on your big day, so waxing would be a great option if you are looking to tackle any unwanted hairs over your big day. Book in for your waxing appointment a week before your wedding. This will give your skin time to recover, as is it going to be effective it will still be painful!

Make Sure Everything Fits

A part of the beauty and appearance process that some brides tend to neglect is making sure that everything fits. This includes your shoes, dress, and also vintage engagement rings. You must make sure all of the accessories and clothing items fit before the wedding to avoid any last-minute disasters.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the beauty routine in the lead up to your wedding should be on point. If you try to book everything last minute you may get an unpleasant surprise when you can not fit into the salons because they are fully booked. Plan, and strategically plan for your beauty appointments at the right time.

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